hey everyone! welcome to the offical ukulele show website!!<3

Welcome all to the ukulele shows offical website! On here you'll find out loads of stuff like when the next show is being published! you can also leave us a comment belooow! #] Have a good day!~the ukulele show cast!(LAUREN...CHLOE) jocko tell me who you are x lauren!

hello people of the world! tHE UKULELE SHOW OFFICAL T-SHIRTS  AND NECKLACES ARE OUT NOW!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOO jocko tell me who you are!!!

 hey guys its lauren,from the ukuleleshow...and zoe! who is really chloe.

email me @   laurenmcbride@live.co.uk and i will get back to you!!!! anyway,sorry about the ukuleleshow timer its wack and i cant fix it but theukuleleshow will be on in a week or so,so check the web every day...check out MY website @ www.laurenpawz.yolasite.com!  and join my chatroom and club!...join the club by emailing ME @ .laurenmcbride@live.co.uk and ill see to it soon...keep those emails coming...oh and i also doo agony aunt so keep those emails a coming!!!...xxlauren lara stop saying horrible things on tus!

This is for Colin our no1 fan who will be appering regulary on the show ! hes funny (enough) and if anybody out there knows muse's email tell me k? or greendays thanks loooooooooadza love---Chloe oh and lauren!...THE VIDEO BELOW IS LAUREN SINGING!!!!!!...nice...

 god! whoever is jocko tell me who you are allready!

 just a timer for the next show and a pink ukulele(pronounced you-ka-lay-lee) (SORRY THE TIMER IS WACK!!)

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