HEY GUYS ITS LAUREN FROM THE UKULELESHOW!!!! AND CHLOES PROBABLY GOING TO KILL ME FOR PUTTING AN EXTRA PAGE ON THE WEBSITE BUT AH WELL! ITS MY SITE TOO! SO ALL YOU UKULELE FANS THE UKULELESHOW WILL BE ON THIS WEBSITE IN TOO WEEKS SO CHECK YOUR WEBS EVERY DAY OK?????!!!!!!!!!!      WOOOOOOOH HELLO KITTY UKULELE! JUST A SHOUT OUT TO...Mr.Flynn and every one in our 5th class !!!wooohh you guys are great :) <3 down after the ukulele there is a vid of how to make a free yola WEBSITE !!!!!!!! AND EMAIL ME AT laurenmcbride@live.co.uk this is my site www.laurenpawz.yolasite.com and check out my chatroom! wooooooo black now!yeah! so...heres the MOST important thing...AND IM SERIOUS....DONT,i repeat DONT try to download this site! THIS IS A WARNING!... do you know why? because it will give your computer a virus and you will never i repeat NEVER be able to use it again.(just a word of advice.) OK?

i love you guys!!!!!<3

oh and guys, if you are jocko ritz can you please email me telling me who you are!

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